Transportation Engineering

The field of transportation engineering has always played an important role in the growth and progress of society. It is used on numerous commercial highways, tracks, docks, the land, and the airspace. The primary responsibility of a transport engineer is to coordinate, prepare, build, maintain, and operate various modes of transportation. The field of transportation engineering promotes and contributes to the secure, well-regulated, and appropriate movement of people and products. Because of the high demand, many students are interested in the area of transportation engineering.

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  • Operation of Transportation Facilities
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Public Transportation Systems
  • Air Transportation
  • Transportation Policy, Planning, and Development
  • Operations of Transportation Terminals
  • Transportation Economics
  • Transportation Infrastructure Management
  • Analysis of Transportation Data
  • Transportation Planning
  • Transportation Sustainability
  • Transportation and Land Use Planning
  • Transportation Finance
  • Systems Analysis in Transportation
  • Design and Construction of Transportation Facilities
  • Transportation Systems Engineering



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