MATLAB Simulink

MATLAB is the Math Lab software used in science, mathematics and engineering. MATLAB is the abbreviated form of Math Software Abrasive Matlab. It has been introduced in the year 1990 by the American Mathematical Society. It is free software and can be acquired for both home and institutional use. It is ideal for both professional and personal applications.

MATLAB is a stand alone graphing calculator having its own pointing and clicking device. The user controls the operation of the calculator using a keyboard or mouse. MATLAB performs calculations automatically and can perform functions such as solving cubic equations, finding square roots, analyzing mathematical graphs, predicting and performingForecast analysis on time and price data. In addition, it also provides support for advanced computerized analysis and visualizations of data sets.

MATLAB comes with many powerful features such as draggable and editable fields, many shapes and patterns, multiple data sources, support for Raster and Vector formats, and over 50 thousand functions. The draggable and editable fields enable you to create charts with basic or complex plotted data, and you can even map, rotate and scale the data or chart. The user can also easily add, edit and remove widgets to customize the look and feel of the charts. The plotting and widget tools give you an ability to draw and arrange data in many dimensions. The user has total control over the drawing of the plot or graph.

MATLAB is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux and MAC operating systems. It is available in a full range of resolutions and is installed on many systems including desktop PCs, laptops, servers, digital printers and web servers. Since it is written in Java, it runs on a number of Java applications and can integrate with legacy code easily. The large memory capacity allows extensive calculation and visualization of large data sets. It includes support for R, GLS and ML codes that run on the computer and are written for high performance.

There are many ways to utilize the capabilities of MATLAB. The applications include the financial service, manufacturing, medical and information services and many other industries. Since it is a program that runs in the server environment, there are no limits as far as server side and client side activities are concerned. With MATLAB, it becomes easier to manipulate, analyze and visualize data from all over the world.

In order to use the applications of MATLAB, you need to have an installation of the server on your machine. You can also download the software and install it for free. The tutorials help in the usage of the programs and the various options that are available in the software. The best part is that the software can be downloaded immediately after purchase. MATLAB is a great tool for the researcher and educator who need a variety of programs and are able to perform a wide range of tasks.