Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering is a general area of application of scientific and engineering concepts to preserve and enhance the environment. The area focuses on architecture and technologies to improve the efficiency of the community. Air pollution control and industrial sanitation, radiation protection, hazardous waste management, waste control, recycling, water supply, waste water management, storm water management, solid waste disposal, public health and land management are among the main environmental engineering fields. There are several subcategories for each of these main categories.

Environmental engineers are professional who deal with environmental challenges both locally and globally. They incorporate biology and chemistry concepts to create solutions to environmental issues and operate with diverse engineering processes in a broad range of contexts. Environmental engineers are mostly tasked with protecting public health through environmental protection and improvement. They are involved in the planning, development, installation, deployment and maintenance of numerous emission control equipments and devices. They are also concerned with habitat conservation, studies on environmental schemes planned, the analysis of experimental results, quality safety inspections and the construction of urban water supplies and industrial waste water treatment systems. Environmental engineers are now attempting to prevent acid weather, global pollution, ozone destruction and toxic car pollution.

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