Cloud Computing

The Cloud Computing Tutorial offers basic and advanced cloud computing topics. Our cloud computing tutorial is intended for experts and newcomers.


Cloud Computing is a technology focused on virtualization that enables us to build, configure and customise apps through an internet connection. A programming framework, hard drive, web application and storage are part of cloud technologies.

What is Cloud Computing

The word cloud refers to an internet or a network. It is a technology that uses remote internet servers instead of local drives to store, control and view data electronically. Data can be anything like files, photographs, records, audio, video, etc.


The following operations we can do with the help of  cloud computing are all here:


  • New software and services development
  • Data storage, backup and recovery
  • Blogs and websites hosting
  • Computer delivery on demand
  • Data analysis
  • Video and audio streaming


Why Cloud Computing?

Small and large IT firms adopt the conventional IT infrastructure practises. This means we need a server room for any IT company that is the simple necessity of the IT industries.


This server room should have a web server, mail server, networking, firewalls, modem, router, transform, QPS (Query per Second means how many requests or loads are done on the server).We need to invest a lot of money to build such IT infrastructure. Cloud computing is available to solve all these issues and reduce IT infrastructure costs. Whenever you ride by train or bus, you take a ticket to your destination and stay on your seat until you reach your destination. Likewise, other passengers take a ticket and ride with you on the same bus and it would hardly disturb you. When you stop, you get off the bus and thank the driver. Cloud storage is as such a bus, transporting data and information to various customers and enabling the service to be used at reduced cost.