The analysis of cultures, individuals, and other aspects of an organisation related to sales and acquisitions, customer sentiments, and disposable goods and services is referred to as consumer behaviour. In other words, consumer behaviour studies how customers determine what they need, what they want, what they want, and so on. It also examines consumption patterns, purchasing power of specific classes, and how they dispose of goods.
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• Project management – the objectives of the project are accomplished through project management involving coordination and leadership within a given time period. Project management phases help to better structure and function. This include initiation of the project, project preparation, project implementation, project management and monitoring, and finally the closure of the project.
• Leadership management – the management role performed by the community or project leader. The job of leaders to listen to and develop relationships with their staff, make a team, motivate and encourage the work. The manager has some skills to improve communication.
• IT management – management and monitoring of company information via various systems of technology, such as hardware, software and networks. It allows people to work consistently and effectively. IT supports technical operation of information systems.
• Business development – is the mechanism in which both companies and within the company formulate the task and process to develop further growth opportunities. It has different aims, such as business growth, branding, new acquisitions, etc.
• Administration of compensation – the consideration offered to workers as monetary value, wages, pension packages, bonuses, etc. Compensation is normally given for motivating, finding, maintaining, and encouraging staff to work in the company. Consumer behaviour specialist deals with more management subjects and human resources research that include broad coverage and expertise.

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